Happy 6-year adoption anniversary to BACS alum Grendel. In his adopter Royal's own words: "Grendel arrived at Berkeley Animal Care Services in April 2010, hairless and bloody with the worst case of mange the shelter had ever seen. His big personality and desire to be a lapdog instantly won him lots of fans at BACS. For the next 2 months, shelter staff provided him with daily medical care and volunteers led him on daily walks in the healing sun. I adopted Grendel in June 2010. I adore my big boy and now give back as a BACS volunteer. SO many great dogs end up in shelters through no fault of their own...A SHELTER DOG IS WAITING FOR YOU!!! Happy 6-year Anniversary today GRENDEL!!"

Recent adopter of Doll (now Dolly-La) writes: I am so grateful to all of the good work you do, and in particular for taking such good care of Dolly-La when she was with you. My life has been so much richer and happier since she came home with me on December 5th, 2015! She has adjusted beautifully to a quiet life as an only dog. Her temperament is so sweet, and I think she is very happy here. We are enjoying working with a trainer, and she is so smart and enjoys learning very much. Thank you again, and please keep up the good work!

Lisa and Dolly-La

Happy (formerly Otto as BACS) recently stopped by to say hello. Adopted several years ago, Happy is the apple of his guardian's eye!
We received an update on Bella (right, in purple vest) who was recently adopted from BACS. Her adopter writes: "Margo (formerly Bella) is settling in nicely. She and Uecker (formerly Tuppence) love to play with each other. She has been a champ with training and has had no accidents in the house and has learned sit. We love her."
Bisbee (former BACS dog Puff Puff) poses for his graduation photo at Berkeley Humane where he just completed a basic obedience class. We love adopters who train with their dogs. In addition to the basic skills learned, training work builds trust, communication and cooperation between human and canine. Kudos to Scott, Linda and Bisbee!
We're delighted to see that recent adoptee, sweet little Sasha, is warm and cozy in her new home!

Juno (known as Ruby at BACS) was adopted in 2010. And Jasmin was adopted in 2012. Their adopter writes that "they are AWESOME", "doing well, super healthy". And, obviously, very much adored! We love happy endings!

Known as Pinky at the shelter, she is now Bowie! Bowie's adopters write that she is settling in nicely at home and learning the art of taking a good selfie.

UPDATE from Farah (known as Lucy Goosey while at BACS) who just celebrated the new year and, more importantly, four months in her adoptive home. Her adopter says Farah is "doing great", "fabulous with every dog she meets", and "loves every person she meets". Such a great update!

We received a great UPDATE from Blue who was adopted in Berkeley but soon moved with his family to the Mendocino coast. Blue's adopter Amanda writes: "Blue LOVES the beach. He doesn’t pay any attention to the water but loves to sniff around the drift wood and he even played nicely with an elderly basset hound named Walter. We’ve been exploring the woods around our house and he loves to smell all the smells out here. His favorite thing to do morning and evening is lay right in front of the fire. We’ve been doing some training everyday and he has learned 'rollover' and we are working on 'leave it'. When we take him around town, people always comment on his good looks and manners and give him treats. It’s very dog/pit bull friendly here. He got a 'CAL' bandana for Xmas so he is representing Berkeley. He has become very cuddly and will sit for his doggie massage in the evenings before going into his crate for bed. We absolutely adore him. He has yet to meet his kitty sister up close but they have seen each other from a few feet away. It’ll take some time but they both seem eager to meet each other." Many thanks to this lovely couple for adopting Blue. And kudos for taking it nice and slow with the dog-cat introduction. Blue hit the jackpot of homes and we couldn't be happier for him! Great way to end the week on a high note!

UPDATE on Zelda (now Milly)... Milly is a senior with eye issues who wasn't a fan of other cats while in shelter. A tricky trifecta that made finding a family for her a challenge. After an urgent plea on Facebook her new family came in to meet her. They immediately saw what a gem she is and swooped her up and away from shelter. Milly's family says "Milly is a great cat. We gave her another eye surgery, she has gained some weight, and she is doing great. Thanks for taking care of her at the shelter!" THANK YOU to Milly's family for giving this lucky girl a great home!

A great update on Tiger Lily (now Sable) from her adopter, Denise. "I've never had a sweeter cat than Sable. I had 14 people over recently and she sat with everyone. She is great with the other cats and dogs. Now to work on fattening her up!"

We received an update from Chief's adopter Tyler. Chief now goes by the name "Obi". Tyler writes: "Obi is doing GREAT! He's been working hard getting into gear. He loves running off leash. He has met some of his dog cousins and is very playful and respectful towards them (even the Chihuahua). Still working on his manners at the dog parks though. He is full of love and can be a bit of a nuisance to the other dogs who don't want to play with him. But overall we are so proud of him and he is doing so good. Thank you!"

In 2011, nervous young Pete, a black and white beauty, arrived at the shelter. Unsure of himself and anxious out in the world, he was looking for someone to show him the ropes. Enter volunteer favorite Carla, a confident, happy low-riding gal whose dance card was full of doggie friends but took a special shine to Pete. Once Pete met Carla, his life changed for the better, with tandem walks and play time to build his confidence. And once both of them met Todd Parr, it was a triple match made in heaven!

Todd was mourning the recent loss of his elder bull Bully. He visited the shelter several times looking for a new dog to love. When he spent time with Pete and Carla (now renamed Tater Tot!), he knew he’d found the ones. In fact, Todd was so pleased with his two BACS dogs that he adopted a third in 2014! Named Jeremy in the shelter, Jerry was also an anxious young fellow, sweet with other dogs but a bit nervous. Now at home with Pete and Tater Tot, Jerry has settled down into the loving companion he was born to be.

Todd reports that his favorite thing about his BACS pack is “the love and affection they offer. Tater walks on the tables and desks, Pete is pretty low key and lets you know when he is ready for some affection from you. Jerry is full of love and it doesn't matter if you've left the house for 10 minutes or 5 days; welcome backs take at least 20 minutes from him.” The trio enjoy the good dog’s life of long walks, naps, car rides, treat time, and Face Timing with Todd when he’s traveling. And Todd has memorialized his dogs in his amazing illustrated children’s books!

Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services raises much-needed funds to support programs and services that help provide a safe and happy environment for animals waiting for their forever homes at Berkeley’s municipal shelter.