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breed: domestic medium hair, tortie

sex: female (spayed)

age: 6 years

ask for: A047476

How to adopt me Buy Wendy a scratching pad ($5) Send Wendy a calming Feliway diffuser ($10) I'd love a cozy bed! ($20) Make a donation
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Wendy is a petite, female, long‐haired, dilute Tortie. Her fur is super soft, and in some lighting, areas look a little pink. I have fostered over 40 cats, and Wendy is at the top of the list for adaptable and easygoing – she is curious and happy to explore new places (and has always found her litter box).

Wendy is also very affectionate ­‐ she loves sitting on laps, being pet (including on her tummy), and having her cheeks and chin scratched. Wendy likes to be held and will position herself (often lying down) in your arms so you can comfortably hold and carry her around. This may have something to do with her enjoyment of a view, as she can also be found perched on windowsills (as well as the occasional piece of furniture).

At night, she will snuggle under the covers with you for a bit but then moves to sleep near your legs or on a nearby chair. She often snoozes on her back (perhaps to facilitate belly rubs?).

Wendy does have some digestive issues, so she will need a human who has the time and resources to troubleshoot this. But those who have met her, agree that a cat with this outstanding personality is worth it! Wendy is currently enjoying the luxury of a foster home, so please ask at the front desk to arrange a meeting.