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sex: female

age: 1 year

weight: 55 pounds

ask for: A051144

How to adopt me Throw Nina a bone ($5) Buy Nina a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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Meet beautiful Nina! Nina is very much a typical German Shepherd: she’s smart as a whip and loves to have a job to do!  Nina is a champion fetcher. She can pull a ball or tug toy right out of the air with one of her phenomenal air-catching jumps, and will politely return and drop it at your feet, ready for more. Nina is friendly with humans and eager to please.  Her biggest challenge is passing other dogs on walks and her adopter will need to work with her on managing her leash reactivity. Nina is best suited to a home with large-breed dog experience (bonus points if you’ve owned a Shepherd before!) that will be able to meet her exercise needs and keep her intelligent brain engaged and working.  In this case, a tired dog is most definitely a good dog!