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sex: female

age: 2 years

weight: 63 pounds

ask for: A048631

How to adopt me Throw Makita a bone ($5) Buy Makita a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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Looking for a loyal, loving, well-behaved beauty who’s darling with people of all ages? Meet Makita! Her main interests: hanging out with you and filling the space with her easy-going, affectionate vibe. She knows ‘sit’ and ‘touch’, and she loves playing “find-it” with treats.  She is super loving and gentle with people and was in a foster home where she did very well. 

Makita has improved on her walks lately! She goes out early in the morning when there aren’t nearly as many dogs around. She is still anxious when on walks, scanning and panting but she will occasionally stop to sniff things and will now potty when out on her walks which she previously had been too anxious to do. Go Makita! 

She does best walking in neighborhoods where she can cross the street and move behind cars when other dogs approach. 

On a recent walk, she saw three dogs but did not react because she moved behind cars until they passed. 

She usually doesn’t react when seeing dogs from far away, but will react when they are closer to her. Having a set time and route for her walks has helped her feel more relaxed.

Makita is looking for an experienced human to help keep her calm and focused outdoors. Bonus points for keeping up the counter-conditioning training begun at BACS. Makita is house trained in the shelter environment. 



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