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breed: domestic long hair, dilute tortie

sex: female (spayed)

age: 12 years

ask for: A048891

How to adopt me Buy Kiki a scratching pad ($5) Send Kiki a calming Feliway diffuser ($10) I'd love a cozy bed! ($20) Make a donation
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**Like many of our other lovely animals, sweet Kiki is currently living in a foster home. If you’d like to learn more about her and set up a meeting, please email Thank you for your patience during this time. We really appreciate your support!**

This is from Kiki’s foster parents:

Kiki continues to gradually come out of her shell (she’s a tortie, get it?)  During the day, she still loves to nap in a bin of clothes in the closet, but she does also spend time sitting on the bed or on the arm of her favorite chair and is starting to show interest in my work (by hopping up on the desk).   She is also beginning to show her playful side — she especially likes to bat around her cellophane flower (I’m not sure what you call that …) and chase her catnip mouse.  She moves like a much younger cat.  She also is starting to perch on my lap.  She often follows me around the house in the afternoon/evening and sits next to me on the chair arm or the back of the couch.  She is quite affectionate (on her own terms).


  • No more hairballs (yay!)
  • Her coat is incredibly soft, but she barely sheds (yay!)
  • She sometimes plays with her toys by herself in the middle of the night, but she doesn’t bother us or wake us up early (yay!)
  • She likes to drink out of a running faucet — rather than let her climb up on the kitchen or bathroom counters, we have compromised and I run the bathtub at a trickle for her a couple of times a day.
  • She still wriggles a lot when held

 That’s all I can think of at the moment — basically, she is showing a lot more personality and is more interactive than when she first came.