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sex: male

age: 2 years

weight: 50 pounds

ask for: A051269

How to adopt me Throw Kale a bone ($5) Buy Kale a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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O delicious Kale! Don’t let his pretty-boy looks fool you. That sleek coat and slender build can’t disguise his athletic leanings — he’s strong and sturdy and loves to explore the great outdoors. Shy at first, Kale connects quickly and it isn’t long before he’s seeking affection with a nudge of his head or one of his patented lean-ins. Shhh… Don’t tell the other dog-jocks he’s really a softie at heart. Kale is spectacular on leash, heeling beautifully; however he’s still learning to politely pass by other pups, so he’s hoping for a devoted person who’s excited to continue his positive reinforcement training. Looking for a suave and spirited sidekick? Say hello to Kale.