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Ravers at BACS?

We’ve got a rave going on at BACS, but we don’t mean the animals are listening to techno trance music and waving glow sticks. The new enrichment team that is responsible for keeping the animals stimulated and active in their kennels has given their program a new name: Reaching Animals Via Enrichment or RAVE.

Just look at how happy everyone is with their activities … and of course, a big thank you to all those who donate to FoBACS who make this program possible!




Support Our Kennel Enrichment Program!


Comet-and-Ball-Photo - CopyWith hundreds of volunteers, a dedicated staff, and training opportunities from nationally recognized groups like BAD RAP and Dogs Play for Life, the dogs at Berkeley Animal Care Services have landed at one of the better shelters in the country. Even so, shelter dogs spend all but an hour or two in their kennels every day. Making that kennel time as interesting, rewarding, and calming as it can be helps our animals maintain their equilibrium and good spirits while they wait for their forever homes.

And that’s where RAVE comes in! Kennel enrichment is, basically, anything we can do to reduce boredom and stress for our shelter animals. The program includes things like:

  • Using puzzles and slow feeding toys, which require dogs to think and exercise to get their meals.
  • Using Kongs, durable chew toys, and other stuffable goodies that allow dogs to work and chew for their treats.
  • Making sure dogs have soft bedding and Kuranda beds to make their kennels comfortable.
  • Training opportunities – and rewards for calm behavior! Volunteers learn not to open a kennel door until a dog shows “four (paws) on the floor.”
  • Play groups to allow dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs to socialize, run around, and play.