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Meet Chip! He is a sweet and affectionate puppy who loves to hang out with people. He is nervous out on walks and needs an owner who is patient and can help him build his confidence. Chip is treat-motivated and will blossom with consistent training and exercise. He has played well with other young dogs after slow introductions.


Rico is a friendly young dog who loves to be snuggled and pet. He can be reactive on leash but has played nicely with other dogs at the shelter. Rico is very smart and will thrive with plenty of physical and mental stimulation! Check out his action shots! A beautiful boy.


Hope you have some mustard to go with this big ham! Beautiful Frances has a winning smile and loads of charm. Come down to the shelter and meet her today!!


Meet Molly! She is a sweet dog with lots of love to give. Molly is very affectionate and enjoys ear scratches. She loves going on walks and will sometimes flop down to roll around in the grass. Molly can be reactive to some people, dogs, and bikes, but is otherwise great on leash! Molly knows ‘sit’ and ‘down’ and will ignore potential triggers in favor of treats....


Meet Rambo! Rambo is very friendly and loves to be pet. He is great on leash and shows interest in other dogs. This gorgeous gentle giant would make a great family dog!