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sex: male

age: 1 year

weight: 50 pounds

ask for: A048641

How to adopt me Throw Berkeley a bone ($5) Buy Berkeley a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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**Like many of our other good boys and girls, Brilliant Berkeley is currently living in a foster home! If you’d like to know more about Makita, please email Thank you for checking in on our animals, and please stay safe! **

Here’s what his fosters have to say about him: “Berkeley is a loving boy whose excitement is contagious. His friendly nature and eagerness to please, combined with his athleticism, will make him an amazing companion for someone with time to challenge him physically and mentally. At a year old, Berkeley is a teenager who is just a big puppy. He appears to have missed out on some early training. But he is a quick student and already excels at walking on leash and crate training! Despite his youthful energy, he’s an absolute joy to walk. He loves to greet other dogs, both big and small, but he has some maturing to do and doesn’t understand why some dogs don’t want to be his best friend. He’d thrive in a home experienced in dog training. He’d also probably excel in dog sports (nose work, agility, weight pulling). Berkeley could live with a well-matched dog, who has the patience and energy for a younger brother. Berkeley represents everything we love about pit bulls: agile, fun, loyal, low-shed, social, and sometimes, too smart for his own good.”