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pit-ed classes

Unique training opportunities for BACS pit bulls

Through support from Friends of BACS, BACS partners with BAD RAP, a nationally-celebrated nonprofit pit bull advocacy group, to pair BACS pit bulls with individual volunteers who bring them to weekly training and behavior classes. During these classes, pit bulls work on obedience essentials, such as “sit,” “stay,” “look,” and “leave it.” In addition, high-energy dogs learn to walk more calmly on a leash, and under-socialized dogs practice staying calm and obedient in close proximity to other dogs. The training these dogs receive can often make all the difference in finding a forever home. And it doesn’t end there: after BACS pit bulls “graduate” from the shelter, their new adoptive families can attend BAD RAP lessons immediately, despite the usual wait time of over six months. Even better, these lessons are free for BACS pit bull adopters!