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adoption information

Our adoption process is designed to ensure the best match for both you and your new pet. You must be at least 21 years old to adopt a pet. We ask that everyone in the household come to meet the pet and we require proof that you can have a pet where you live. This can be a copy of a lease indicating that you may have a cat or dog, or any document indicating home ownership such as a mortgage statement.

There is a simple adoption application to complete which will help us advise and prepare you for your new pet. If you are adopting a dog and have another dog(s) already, we ask that you bring them to meet the dog you would like to adopt. We offer home adoption counseling visits for any of our dogs and may require it for some dogs.

In the event that more than one interested party wants to adopt an animal on the morning it becomes available, we enter the names of qualified adopters into a random drawing.

All cats and dogs adopted from the shelter will be neutered or spayed, vaccinated and microchipped before going home as your new pet. If the animal is spayed or neutered at the time of adoption, it can leave the same day. If the animal is not yet spayed or neutered, you can pick up your new pet the day after surgery.

For further information, contact the shelter directly or email

Adoption Fees

Dogs – $125.00, Cats – $100.00

60/6/60 Program

If you’re sixty or over, and you adopt a dog or cat who is 6 or more years old, you’ll get a 60% discount on the adoption fee.

Blockhead Bonus!

As an added bonus, when you adopt a pit bull type breed through BACS, you can attend Bad Rap’s Pit Ed training classes for FREE (normal fee $100). These classes are extremely popular and can have a 6 month waiting list. But, when you adopt a pit bull from BACS, you get to skip the wait and start attending classes right away. You won’t find this incredible opportunity through any other shelter.