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breed: linebacker of love

sex: male

age: 1 year, 7 months

weight: 60 pounds

ask for: A042967

Wiley's fan club has prepaid his adoption fee!

How to adopt me Throw Wiley a bone ($5) Buy Wiley a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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With his pretty black and tan coat and mischievous warm brown eyes, Wiley is our life of the party pup!  While he enjoys romping with his canine pals in playgroup, he doesn’t even need company to have fun — he’ll happily entertain himself by running and tossing himself ropes, balls, and squeaky toys!  Wiley is an exuberant youngster who’s got energy to burn and would benefit from more structure and exercise than he is able to get in the shelter setting.  He’s been attending weekly training classes with with a volunteer, who reports that Wiley loves to please his handler, already knows “look” and “sit”, is working on his “down”, and improving weekly on his loose leash walking.  His adopter will be able to continue those classes for free.  Wiley would make a great running buddy and, as a bonus, he brings the party wherever he goes!


Something I'd like people to know about me:

They say looks aren't everything, but in my experience, they don't hurt. I'm just sayin.

My favorite movie is:

Dirty Dancing!