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URGENT! Thunder has made terrific progress at the shelter since she was provided a room of her own! She has become much more relaxed, approachable, and fun. Thunder is a miniature panther who thinks she is the queen of the jungle. She is playful, athletic, and exquisitely beautiful, with a plush, glossy coat and deep amber eyes. She is ready to play and very fun to play with due to her agility and energy. Thunder needs an experienced and patient adopter who is fluent in reading cat. She often seeks out affection and attention, but overstimulates quickly and will need time to settle in to a cat-savvy home. With time, space, and understanding, she should blossom into a very rewarding companion. If you can help this supernatural beauty with a home of her own, please contact BACS asap.


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Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

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The Stray Cats

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Indigenous Peoples' Day