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breed: tabby

sex: female

age: 5 years

weight: 12 pounds

ask for: A043112

How to adopt me Buy Quizlet a scratching pad ($5) Send Quizlet a calming Feliway diffuser ($10) I'd love a cozy bed! ($20) Make a donation
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There’s nothing puzzling about Quizlet! She’s a calm and friendly tabby girl with gorgeous markings and big, curious green eyes. She was surrendered by her owner due to allergies, but she is an all-around terrific cat – affectionate, laid back, and quietly playful. Come meet this mature beauty and see if it’s a good fit!


What is your favorite activity of the day?

I love it so much when the humans come into my room. I immediately purr, rub myself against them, jump on their lap and just love having company.

What other qualities do you have?

I am immensely curious!