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breed: tilden timid terrier

sex: female

age: 8 months

weight: 10 pounds

ask for: A042899

How to adopt me Throw Lavish a bone ($5) Buy Lavish a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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Lavish is a lovely pup under a year old with lots of enthusiasm for exploring life. She is a superstar in small dog playgroup where we have a mix of ages and play styles. When she finds a playful friend, she has a blast zooming around and playing chase. If the group is more subdued, she is respectful and happily mingles. On walks Lavish will bound ahead to explore, but is attentive to her handler and is learning to walk nicely on a leash. Though she is sometimes shy with new people, she warms quickly when given a little time. This little girl adores laps and cuddles and is ready to lavish you with love! Come meet Lavish today!


The story of these pictures:

I was a little afraid of the camera . . .

Something I want people to know about me:

I L-O-V-E other dogs! Play group is my happy place!

My astrological sign is:

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