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breed: tuxedo, dlh/black and white

sex: female

age: 5 years

weight: 12 pounds

ask for: A044104

How to adopt me Buy Felicia a scratching pad ($5) Send Felicia a calming Feliway diffuser ($10) I'd love a cozy bed! ($20) Make a donation
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Felicia is a sweet and lovely girl who is waiting for the right family to come along. Felicia is one of the shyer cats at BACS right now, which makes it extra hard for this fluffy beauty to compete during the excitement and antics of kitten season. She has been a little reserved during her time in the shelter, but she is an affectionate cat who is likely to blossom in a calm household with understanding adopters who will give her time to adjust on her own terms. Come meet fluffy Felicia and see if you might be the one to give this deserving lady a chance!