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breed: solano shy guy

sex: 5 years

age: male

weight: 60 pounds

ask for: A042090

How to adopt me Throw Elwood a bone ($5) Buy Elwood a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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When this shy guy arrived at BACS, he wasn’t sure what human companionship was all about. He soon learned that people make great pals and has been coming out of his shell a little bit more each day. Curious and eager to explore the outdoors, he adores his walks and is already quite attentive on leash. Fortunately for his many fans, Elwood has grown to truly appreciate affection and seems to surprise even himself when his paw comes up to ask for more. Gentle, soft, and motivated to learn, Elwood is the consummate sweetheart. He’s easing his way into weekly training classes with his fellow blocky-headed canines, building confidence as he charms and enchants.


A decision I'm rethinking:

Agreeing to have Dan Ackroyd play me in the movie.

Your favorite spot in Berkeley?

The library! If only they allowed dogs. . .

Something no one knows about me is:

I hate having my picture taken.