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breed: american k9 ninja

sex: male

age: 2 years

weight: 60 pounds

ask for: A043001

Chip's fan club has prepaid his adoption fee!

How to adopt me Throw Chip a bone ($5) Buy Chip a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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While everyone places bets on how exactly this redhead came by his unique looks, Chip is busy winning hearts with his inner warmth and charm. Friendly and good-natured, he thoroughly enjoys playtime and walks, but this love-bug seems happiest in his natural environment: snuggling with his favorite people. Chip regularly goes to playgroup and connects best with dogs who like to mix up the activity with plenty of relaxing downtime. Affection is his pursuit of choice. Chip also attends training class on Saturdays where he gets a chance to show off what a good learner he is. So if you’re looking for a true pal who’s handsome, sweet, and easy to love, come meet Chip today.


My signature look:

Freckles, of course! I say, if you've got 'em, flaunt 'em.

My favorite movie is:

A Star is Born! Huge Barbra Streisand fan here.