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breed: california wallflower

sex: female

weight: 15 pounds

ask for: A042927

How to adopt me Throw Chessie a bone ($5) Buy Chessie a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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Chessie is a pretty young adult named for her gorgeous chestnut coat color. A shy and frightened stray, she continues to avoid most human contact at the shelter even with the volunteers who sit with her on a daily basis. Chessie is looking for a quiet home with a patient adopter who understands fearful dogs, will keep her world small, and go at her pace, which at this time is quite slow. She has had some nice interactions with other dogs and could benefit from a home with a “helper dog”. An ideal helper would be a happy, confident, compatible adult dog that Chessie could pal around with. At this time, due to her fear, Chessie is a flight risk, so secure fencing and a healthy sense of paranoia will be needed to keep her safe. Working with a fearful dog is challenging, but can be very rewarding — this website is a great resource on the topic. If you would like to know more, talk to us about Chessie.


What's a California Wallflower?

It means I'm the shy and retiring type, but I sometimes come out of my shell with another dog.

My astrological sign is:

The Vienna Sausage