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breed: dsh/bengal mix

sex: male

age: 11 months

weight: 10 pounds

ask for: A042049

How to adopt me Buy Cheetah a scratching pad ($5) Send Cheetah a calming Feliway diffuser ($10) I'd love a cozy bed! ($20) Make a donation
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Well-named Cheetah wants to run, jump, and play all day! And nap. Cheetah is a very athletic young cat with striking markings, both of which might indicate some Bengal cat heritage. Whatever his DNA, he’s a real head-turner! He still has some kittenish energy and is probably too strong and rambunctious right now for a house with small kids. But if you’re looking for an active adventure cat, handsome Cheetah might be your dude! Come on by and see if it’s a good fit.


My favorite song is:

I'm Too Sexy (for my fur)

My current goals include:

Feline Olympics! Do you see me going after that wand toy? Focus!