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breed: world class wiggler

sex: female

age: 5 years

weight: 60 pounds

ask for: A042311

Buttercup's fan club has prepaid her adoption fee!

How to adopt me Throw Buttercup a bone ($5) Buy Buttercup a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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Buttercup! Our sweet middle-aged gal has a zest for life and is oh so sweet! She’s all about sweetness, love and snuggles! Buttercup lights up with attention from her favorite volunteers (read: all volunteers) and has a little fold of extra skin at the base of her tail that gives her extra wagging power — when she’s wagging full force, her wiggle butt propels her around the room! She is a breeze to harness up and walk and prefers to mosey along at a comfortable pace. When it’s time to return to the shelter, this smart cookie puts on the brakes, however, she is such a fun-loving gal, a little cheerleading and jogging gets her moving happily along. Come meet Buttercup today and let her wiggle her way into your heart and out of the shelter!


Something no one knows about me:

I always try to look very serious in pictures, but I know how to relax and let my fur down.

My favorite activity:

Beauty rest

My favorite movie is:

Legally Blonde