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breed: larkspur love muffin

sex: male

age: 1-3 years

weight: 61-70 lbs

ask for: A039713

Bob's fan club has prepaid his adoption fee!

How to adopt me Throw Bob a bone ($5) Buy Bob a kong ($10) How about a collar and leash? ($20) Make a donation
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Bob’s famous Resting Sweet Face pretty much says it all. Affectionate and charmingly shy in the beginning, this cutie is every bit as soft and fuzzy as he appears. And boy does he warm up fast. Bob adores long walks and even longer snuggle sessions with his favorite humans — he’s a cuddle bear to the core. But Bob is also a playgroup standout; he’s super tuned in to his fellow pups and seems able to dial up or down his play style depending on who he’s paired with. Did we mention he’s a star student at weekly Pit Ed class? Yup, beautiful Bob is all that and a bag of treats. Come by and meet him today.

Bob enjoys some playtime with adoptable Ace and recently adopted Violet!


Something no one knows about me is:

I prefer to be called Robert.

My favorite movie is:

Raiders of the Lost Ark

My favorite holiday is: