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breed: domestic short hair

sex: female

age: 10 years

weight: 18 punds

ask for: A043827

How to adopt me Buy Blue a scratching pad ($5) Send Blue a calming Feliway diffuser ($10) I'd love a cozy bed! ($20) Make a donation
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Blue is a big, funny, sassy cat who is ready to start a new life of lap lounging, sunbeam chasing, and snacks. Blue was sadly surrendered to the shelter at the age of 10, and she is not totally thrilled about the change of scenery.

She loves petting and brushing (though sometimes she loves it a little too much and gets over-stimulated), and seems like she will be a great couch buddy in her new home. However, she is not a big fan of being around other cats and might need to be a solo cat. She might also be able to live with a very chill, non-dominant co-cat or dog. She is a little stressed at the shelter, but it is likely that she will mellow out and be a wonderful companion in her own space. Ideally, her new family will love her as she is, but will also help keep her on a diet for her health.

Looking for a fantastic, tubby, furry friend? Come meet Blue and see if it’s a good fit!